Dedicated to the memory of

Talmadge Eugene Lupo

April 13, 1933 - April 4, 1995

This history is dedicated to the memory of my father, Talmadge Eugene Lupo. The picture above was his senior class picture (Homerville High School, Class of '51) and has always been a favorite of mine.

Below is a poem written by my father when he was in high school, which appeared in a local publication.

The Only Just Court

The only just court is in heaven
Above the sky, so blue,
Youíll never think of the seven
That were left behind you,
On this earth of hell,
That you know so well,
While you worked for salvation,
All over Godís Creation.
And when death parts us,
Youíll wake up on the beautiful shore,
Never to die any more.

In this beautiful place,
Where youíll see His face
With Jesus at Godís right hand,
Making intercession for the land,
Then youíll stand at the judgement bar,
Looking at the beautiful, bright and morning star,
In the sky so blue.
God is waiting for me and you
To go to the beautiful home
Where sinners will never roam.

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