Lupo Marriages in England and America

Date Groom Bride Location
October 17, 1575 Peter Lupo Katherine Wickers London
June 18, 1599 Thomas Lupo Joane Smitheson Kent
July 28, 1602 Joseph Lupo Margaret Allen Surrey
July 28, 1602 Robert Foulston Bridget Lupo Surrey
December 13, 1603 Francis Lupo Elizabeth Bennett Surrey
October 27, 1604 Phillip Lupo Mary Comes Kent
June 20, 1606 Thomas Cawdell Mary Lupo London
April 28, 1616 Horatio Lupo Mary Storye Surrey
May 12, 1623 Horatio Lupo Sarah Wallis London
December 11, 1628 Ambrose Lupo Elizabeth Kinge London
September 28, 1635 Robert Horne Sarah Lupo London
June 30, 1648 James Lupo Maria Askham Yorkshire
September 25 1664 Andrew Lupo Mary Jarey London
Date Groom Bride Location
September 18, 1856 Louis D. Mashburn Catharine M. Lupo Jackson
1863 William S. Sealy Adaline Lupo Jackson
August 23, 1863 Giles Lupo Lucinda F. Ham Jackson
March 7, 1865 James Williams Mary Jane Lupo Jackson
October 27, 1865 Warren L. Wood Emily Lupo Jackson
September 19, 1914 A. F. Lupo Effie Estelle Haddock Nassau
March 9, 1819 Moreland Lupo Mary Champion Peak Hancock
August 18, 1835 Samuel Windham Mary Lupo Houston
December 26, 1837 Benjamin Jean Martha Lupo Baldwin
December 27, 1840 William J. Goyne Julia Ann Lupo Houston
January 3, 1841 Giles Lupo Jane Scarborough Houston
December 22, 1844 John A. Jackson Mary Lupo Hancock
December 30, 1845 William W. Brooks Phoebe A. Lupo Hancock
September 19, 1848 James M. Lupo Elizabeth Bowden Greene
November 4, 1848 Giles Lupo Martha Scarborough Houston
March 30, 1850 William Lupo Eliza Ann Jordan Dooly
November 2, 1854 Nathaniel Lupo Amanda Cone Dooly
June 11, 1860 Thomas Lupo Elizabeth Lambert Pulaski
July 4, 1867 James Lupo Temple Brown Dooly
January 6, 1870 Abijah R. Brown Louleza Lupo Dooly
March 31, 1870 John W. Lupo Georgia A. Howard Dooly
April 26, 1870 Jacob C. Calhoun Sarah J. Lupo Dooly
January 19, 1871 T. J. Lupo G. A. Herring Dooly
December 29, 1872 W. H. Stripling Martha Ann Lupo Dooly
September 10, 1874 John H. Calhoun Mary Lupo Dooly
November 25, 1875 James Lupo Mary Murray Dooly
January 13, 1876 William David Lupo Tanner E. Cone Dooly
January 17, 1877 T. J. Lupo Molly J. Dollar Dooly
December 25, 1877 Thomas J. Lupo Martha A. Turner Dooly
December 20, 1878 William Lupo Susan Timmons Houston
September 14, 1879 Wilson L. Burnett Sarah E. Lupo Pulaski
January 15, 1880 George Calhoun Sussannah Lupo Dooly
September 13, 1885 James David Lupo Ella Harp Dooly
June 19, 1892 Rufus Nathaniel Lupo Nora A. Cook Pulaski
July 4, 1901 W. W. Lupo Lula Dollar Dooly
October 28, 1906 J. H. Lupo Rhoda Nobles Pulaski
December 17, 1909 Grady G. Lupo Kate Woodard Dooly
April 10, 1910 Derward L. Lupo Susie O'Brien Pulaski
March 13, 1912 George Lupo Martha Abbot Dooly
April 7, 1912 Silas G. Lupo Parmelia Wyre Pulaski
January 15, 1914 Carl B. Lupo Ida Rose Lee Burnam Dooly
July 20, 1919 Shade Shurley Erma Lupo Dooly
December 28, 1921 Derward L. Lupo Theo Barfield Pulaski
July 20, 1925 Rupert Lupo Lucy L. Bryant Dooly
January 29, 1927 Grady G. Lupo Macy Bell Smith Clinch
July 3, 1937 James Homer Mullis Ruth Lupo Bleckley
October 25, 1937 Floyd E. Lupo Edna Ensley Bleckley
November 16, 1941 Derward L. Lupo Mary Self Dooly
June 10, 1951 Donald Adams Ruth Carolyn Lupo Clinch
July 3, 1953 Elmer Wilson Cox Wilma Eloise Lupo Ware
August 18, 1961 Talmadge E. Lupo Emily Mae Stribling Fulton
February 1, 1963 Daniel E. Lupo Margaret L. Smith Clinch
February 28, 1964 Joseph E. Lupo Edith Elaine Cox Clinch
June 18, 1965 Ronald Earl Wallace Janice Lupo Clinch
November 7, 1975 Daniel E. Lupo Margie Ann Zanders Clinch
May 5, 1980 Daniel E. Lupo Audrey Maine Clinch
November 11, 1987 Wendell E. Lupo Jennie Lynn Fulmer Fulton
February 1, 1849 Robert B. Sanders Martha Lupo Claiborne
April 4, 1849 William Lupo Eva Minerva Jones Jefferson
April 3, 1851 Henry J. Lupo Myra J. Jones Claiborne
October 8, 1852 David Walters Sarah Ann Lupo Claiborne
September 16, 1856 Alexander Lupo Frances L. C. Burnet Claiborne
December 26, 1856 William C. Weeks Margaret Lupo Claiborne
October 29, 1863 Alexander Lupo Mary Ann German Jefferson
January 19, 1871 John W. Walters Margaret E. Lupo Copiah
February 19, 1874 James D. Lupo Frances J. White Claiborne
April 1, 1874 John Johnson Mary Lupo Claiborne
July 6, 1874 Richard Johnson Catherine Lupo Claiborne
February 7, 1875 James L. Lupo Zerrilla E. Newman Claiborne
November 22, 1883 A. W. Phillips Josie V. Lupo Claiborne
North Carolina
January 12, 1807 Jesse Penny Sally Lupo Johnston
August 19, 1809 William Lynch Polly Lupo Johnston
March 17, 1816 James Lupo Patsy Calton Surry
October 8, 1819 John Lupo Mourning Haynes Robeson
December 5, 1822 Allen Lupo Mary Ivey Robeson
April 20, 1825 Nathan Brake Phoebe Lupo Edgecombe
March 28, 1836 Henderson Ball Margaret Lupo Surry
January 16, 1855 Micajah Lupo Elizabeth Atkinson Edgecombe
January 24, 1856 Philip Lupo Sarah Braswell Edgecombe
August 18, 1857 Molen Lupo Elizabeth Williams Edgecombe
June 2, 1863 Phillip Lupo Susanna Moore Edgecombe
September 30, 1863 Alfred Medlin Manda Lupo Wake
November 27, 1863 James W. Garner Susan A. Lupo Edgecombe
January 9, 1866 Henry Winborne Nancy Lupo Edgecombe
South Carolina
October 16, 1817 John Lupo Mary Price Lexington
1851 John McD. Hall Margaret Catherine Lupo Lexington
November 21, 1865 William Lupo Mary Tedder Benton
Ca. 1679 James Lupo Sarah Branch Isle of Wight
Bef. 1712 John Bidgood, Jr. Ann Lupo Isle of Wight
Bef. 1772 Benjamin Brantley Mary Lupo Isle of Wight
Bef. 1785 Phillip Lupo Mildred Carrell Isle of Wight
Ca. 1786 James Lupo Ann Atkinson Isle of Wight
August 29, 1786 Thomas Lupo Sarah Allmond Isle of Wight
August 8, 1790 Thomas Mallicote Milly Lupo Isle of Wight
December 24, 1792 Thomas Brantley Mary Lupo Isle of Wight


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