David and Giles Lupo of Houston and Dooly Counties, Georgia

In a letter to his son William, written in April of 1860, David Lupo states he was born "56 years ago" along the "big Ohoopa" river in what was, at the time David was writing, Emanuel County in Georgia. Most likely, this area was part of Montgomery County at the time of David's birth as that's where John Lupo was living in the "Upper Big Ohoopee" district in 1805 and 1806 according to tax records. Today, Montgomery County is a shadow of its former self, having spawned all or parts of the counties of Dodge, Emanuel, Tattnall, Toombs, Treulen and Wheeler and now separated from one of it's parents, Washington County, which it once bordered. It is possible that David was writing on the occasion of his birthday, which caused him to reminisce about where he was born and if so, this suggests he was born in March or April as the date of the letter is April 1. At the time of the letter, David and family were living in Jackson County, Florida, along with his son Nathaniel and brother Giles with their respective families. They appear to have been there for a number of years as David mentions the results of their farms, which suggests they have settled into their new homes. He announces that his daughter Matilda has given birth to a new child, and makes mention of a child William and his wife Eliza lost within the preceeding months. This appears to have been their son, Hiram Moses, who was born in 1859 but who lived less than two years according to his headstone in the family cemetary. William married Eliza Ann Jordan in Dooly County in 1850 and by 1860 had the beginnings of what would be a sizable family. Many of the Lupos in and around present-day Dooly County are descendants of William.

David first shows up in tax records in Washington County, Georgia where he pays a poll tax in 1825 which he would have first done at age 21. This is consistent with his statement that he was born around 1804. While no marriage record has been found for him, David married between 1825 and 1830 and family history, supported by the death certificate of his son Thomas J. Lupo from 1932, states that his wife was Nancy Calhoun, though where they met and were married or who her parents were is unknown. The 1830 Census lists two sons under five years old. One is undoubtedly William, who is said to have been born in 1828. The identity of the other son or what became of him has not been discovered. David seems to be the first of his family to migrate to Dooly County, appearing there around 1850. Another family which was to be associated with the Lupos, the Cones, also migrated to Dooly County around this time.

Exactly when and why David and family moved to Florida is subject to speculation. The marriage of his daughter, Catherine Matilda to Louis Mashburn, is recorded in Jackson County in 1856, but on the 1860 census, all David's children as well as the children of his son Nathaniel, who were born between 1855 and 1859, are all said to have been born in Georgia. The two youngest of Giles' family, Laura, age 5 and Susan, age 1 in 1860 are listed as being born in Florida, so it's safe to assume that Giles and David moved there with their families between 1852 and 1856. There appears to have been a general exodus of related families from Houston and Dooly Counties, as several other families, including the Coppedges, who had some connection to the Lupos, traveled to Jackson County around the same time.

In 1850, there are two males in Giles Lupo's household, Thomas and John Lupo, who appear to be too old to have been Giles' sons. Thomas is listed as sixteen years of age and John is listed as fourteen, though ten years later, John, still listed with Giles' family is said to be twenty and Thomas, now listed with Levi Harrell in Pulaski County, Georgia is listed as being twenty-four. Along with Thomas are several young children, each named Lupo, but unfortunately, neither the 1850 nor the 1860 census lists family relationships. The oldest of the children, Mary J. Lupo, was listed as Mary J. Harrell on the 1850 census and appeared in Pulaski County while Thomas was in Houston County in Giles Lupo's household. Other researchers have identified Thomas as a son of David Lupo, but while David did have a son by this name, census records show he was much younger and was listed in David's household in Dooly County at the same time the older Thomas was listed in Giles' household in Houston County. Also, the older Thomas was killed during the first day's battle at Gettysburg in 1863, whereas David's son, too young to enlist during the war, appears to have survivied into the twentieth century. In an 1859 letter from Thomas, written, presumably to David Lupo, though the recipient isn't specified, he refers to the recipient as "cozen" or cousin, suggesting that David and Giles were neither his father nor his uncle.. Given that Giles purchased the land in Houston County owned previously by his father and brother, and that William had been living on this land as well as being appointed guardian to Giles after the death of their father, the most likely possibility is that Thomas and John Lupo were the sons of William Lupo, the brother of Giles and David and that Giles had been appointed their guardian, though no records have survived to support this conclusion.

No record has been found to indicate what happened to David and Giles after 1860. Evidence suggests both families remained in Florida at least until 1865 when marriage records are recorded for Mary Jane and Emily Lupo. Giles Lupo, presumably Giles, Jr., and Adeline Lupo each married in Jackson County in 1863. Giles, John and James (also listed as E. J. and Edward J.) Lupo are among the enlistees in two Florida Confederate units, but they appear to have seen action only in Florida. Neither family has been found on the 1870 census in Florida or Georgia, but there are two Lupo families, headed by Wm. M. and E. J. Lupo who appear on the census in Dooly County, though they cannot be definitively connected to David's family, and a younger William Lupo, who appears to be Nathaniel's son, can be found in the household of Nelson Moye. Nancy Calhoun Lupo, David's widow, can be found back in Dooly County in 1880, surrounded by her sons, daughters and grandchildren. David's son, Nathaniel, was killed in action in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1863 and appears to be the only one of David's sons to die during the war. William, David's oldest son, survived and remained in Dooly County until his death in 1904. David's youngest son, Thomas, lived into his eighties and can be found in Irwin, Colquitt and Tift Counties later in life.

Family of David Lupo of Houston and Dooly Counties, Georgia

David Lupo
b. ca. 1804, Montgomery County, Georgia
d. aft. 1860, maybe Dooly Co., Georgia

m. ca. 1825

Nancy Calhoun
b. ca. 1810
d. aft. 1880, probably Dooly County, Georgia

  1. William Lupo
    b. Nov. 7, 1828
    d. Apr. 15, 1904, Dooly County, GA

    m. March 31, 1850, Dooly County, GA

    Eliza Ann Jordan

    1. William David, b. ca. 1850; d. 1903, Dooly Co., GA
    2. Darcus Nancy, b. Jan. 31, 1852; d. Dec. 29, 1852
    3. John Wesley, b. Feb. 20, 1853; d. Nov. 18, 1876
    4. Lewelzer, b. Nov. 12, 1854; d. ?
    5. Amanda, b. May 11, 1857; d. ca. 1941
    6. Perlina, b. Feb. 5, 1858; d. Oct. 30, 1858
    7. Henry Moses, b. Apr. 16, 1859; d. Feb. 15, 1860
    8. Silas Newton, b. Mar. 23, 1861; d. May 26, 1928
    9. Rufus Nathaniel, b. Feb. 26, 1866; d. Oct. 30, 1946
    10. George Oscar, b. Feb. 28, 1870; d. Nov. 18, 1926

  2. Unknown son, b. bet. 1825-30
    (possibly named Wesley or John Wesley)

  3. Nathaniel G. Lupo
    b. ca. 1835
    d. Nov. 29, 1863, Knoxville, TN

    m. November 2, 1854, Dooly Co., GA

    Sarah Amanda Cone

    1. Nancy T., b. ca. 1855
    2. William A., b. ca. 1857
    3. James David, b. ca. 1859

  4. Martha Ann Lupo
    b. ca. 1837

    m. R. A. Lane

  5. Catherine Matilda Lupo
    b. ca. 1839
    d. Oct. 22, 1896, Dooly Co., GA

    m. (1) Louis D. Mashburn, Sept. 18, 1856, Jackson Co., FL

    1. Nancy, b. ca. 1857
    2. Mary M., b. ca. 1860

    m. (2) M. C. Player

  6. Nancy Emily Lupo
    b. ca. 1841

    m. Warren Lot Wood, Oct. 12, 1865, Jackson Co., FL

    1. John
    2. Louella
    3. Charles Goode, b. Mar. 20, 1874
    4. Emma Magnolia
    5. William Gordon

  7. James Lupo (maybe Edward James Lupo)
    b. ca. 1844
    d. ?

    m. (1) Temple (Terry) Brown, Jul. 4, 1867, Dooly Co., GA
    m. (2) Mary Murry, Nov. 25, 1875, Dooly Co., GA

  8. Mary Jane Lupo
    b. ca. 1847

    m. James Williams, Mar. 7, 1865, Jackson Co., FL

  9. Thomas Jefferson Lupo
    b. September 4, 1849, Dooly Co., GA
    d. August 9, 1932, Cook County, GA

    m. Martha A. Turner, Dec. 25, 1877

    1. Anna L., b. ca. 1879
    2. Stephan, b. January 10, 1882; d. April, 1974
    3. Marcy C., b. ca. 1884
    4. Minnie, b. ca. 1886
    5. Willis, b. ca. 1891
    6. Grover, b. March 8, 1893; d. May, 1973
    7. James, b. ca. 1895
    8. Anna M., b. ca. 1898
    9. Tilman, b. July 15, 1900; August 15, 1988
    10. Robert, b. September 16, 1903; June 11, 1992

    Note: Thomas may have also married G. A. Herring, January 19, 1871
    and Molly J. Dollar, January 17, 1877.

  10. Sarah J. Lupo, b. ca. 1852, Dooly Co., GA; d. ?
    m. Jacob C. Calhoun, Apr. 26, 1870, Dooly Co., GA
    1. James Henry
    2. John Thomas
    3. Virgil
    4. Matilda
    5. Calvin
    6. Louvinne
    7. Narcissa
    8. Lula

Lupo Marriages in Florida and Georgia, 1840 to 1880

Florida, Marriages

Jackson County

Marriage Book A:
Louie O. Mashburn m. Catherine M. Lupo, Sept 18, 1856, page 279

Marriage Book B:
William S. Sealy m. Adaline Lupo, July 5, 1863 , page 66
Giles Lupo m. Lucinda F. Ham, August 23, 1863, page 72
James Williams m. Mary Jane Lupo March 7, 1865, page 104
Warren B. Wood m. Emily Lupo, October 17, 1865, page 127

Georgia Marriages

Dooly County

Marriage Book A:
William Looper m. Eliza Ann Jordan, March 31, 1850

Marriage Book B:
Nathaniel Lupo m. Amanda Cone, November 2, 1854
James Lupo m. Terry Brown, July 4, 1867
Abijah R. Brown m. Luelza Lupo, January 6, 1870
Jacob C. Calhoun m. Sarah J. Lupo, April 26, 1870
T. J. Lupo m. G. A. Herring, January 19, 1871
John W. Lupo m. Georgia A. Howard, March 31, 1870
W. H. Stripling m. M. A. Lupo December 29, 1872
John H. Calhoun m. Mary Lupo, Septmber 10, 1874
James Lupo m. Mary Murray, November 25, 1875

Houston County

Marriage Book A, 1825-1852:
Giles Lupo m. Jane Scarborough, January 3, 1841
Giles Lupo m. Martha Scarborough, November 4, 1848

Census Records

Houston County, Georgia

Household #450:
Lupo, Giles, age 33, sex M, occupation Farmer, born GA
" , Martha, age 20, sex F, born GA
" , John, age 14, sex M, born GA
" , Adaline, age 7, sex F, born GA
" , Giles, age 5, sex M, born GA
" , Adison, age 4, sex M, born GA
" , Jane, age 2, sex F, born GA
" , Franklin, age 3/12, sex M, born GA
" , Thomas, age 16, sex M, born GA

Dooly County, Georgia

Household #6:
Sinclair, R. D., age 47, sex M, occupation Farmer, born SC
" , Mary A., age 26, sex F, born GA
" , John D., age 15, sex M, born GA
" , Johannah, age 2, sex F, born GA
" , Benjamin F., age 10/12, sex M, born GA
Culpepper, Winney, age 30, sex F, born GA
Lupo, Nathaniel, age 14, sex M, born GA
Port, Furny, age 21, sex M, occupation Mechanic, born NC

Household #41:
Lupo, David, age 45, sex M, occupation Farmer, born GA
" , Nancy, age 42, sex F, born GA
" , Martha Ann, age 13, sex F, born GA
" , Matilda, age 11, sex F, born GA
" , Emaly, age 9, sex F, born GA
" , James, age 6, sex M, born GA
" , Mary J., age 3, sex F, born GA
" , Thomas J., age 9/12, sex M, born GA

Household #939:
Jordan, Darkis, age 51, sex F, born SC
" , Salemna, age 15, sex F, born GA
Lupo, William, age 21, sex M, born GA
" , Eliza A. T., age 21, sex F, born GA
Claxton, Daniel, age 14, sex M, born NC

1860 Census

Jackson County, Florida

Household #802:
Mashborn, Lewis L., age 25, sex M, occupation Farmer, born FL
" , Catharine M., age 22, sex F, born GA
" , Nancy, age 3, sex F, born FL
" , Mary M., age 4/12, sex F, born FL

Household #814:
Lupo, David, age 57, sex M, occupation Farmer, born GA
" , Nancy, age 50, sex F, born GA
" , Martha, age 21, sex F, born GA
" , Emily, age 19, sex F, born GA
" , James, age 17, sex M, born GA
" , Mary J., age 15, sex F, born GA
" , Thomas, age 11, sex M, born GA
" , Sarah J., age 8, sex F, born GA

Household #815:
Lupo, Nathaniel, age 25, sex M, occupation Farmer, born GA
" , S. Amanda, age 20, sex F born GA
" , Nancy T., age 5, sex F born GA
" , William, age 3, sex M born GA
" , David, age 8/12, sex M born GA

Household #822:
Lupo, Giles, age 40, sex M, occupation Farmer, born GA
" , Martha, age 30, sex F, born GA
" , John, age 20, sex M, born GA
" , Adeline, age 17, sex F, born GA
" , Jane, age 12, sex F, born GA
" , Franklin, age 10, sex M, born GA
" , Mary, age 7, sex F, born GA
" , Laura, age 5, sex F, born FL
" , Susan, age 1, sex F, born FL


Dooly County

Household 361/360:
Wm. Lupo, age 31, sex M, occupation farmer, born GA
E. A. Lupo, age 31, sex F, occupation ?, born GA
David Lupo, age 10, sex M, occupation none, born GA
J. W. Lupo, age 7, sex M, occupation none, born GA
Lulza Lupo, age 5, sex F, occupation none, born GA
A. E. Lupo, age 3, sex F, occupation none, born GA
H. M. Lupo, age 1, sex M, occupation none, born GA

Pulaski County

Household 41/41:
Levi H. Harrell, age 33, sex M, occupation Farmer, born GA
Levinia Odom, age 45, sex F, occupation cook, born SC
Anna Harrell, age 27, sex F, occupation cook, born SC
Thomas Lupo, age 24, sex M, occupation ?, born GA
Mary J. Lupo, age 11, sex F, occupation none, born Pulaski County
Edny Lupo, age 9, sex F, occupation none, born Pulaski County
Charity Lupo, age 7, sex F, occupation none, born Pulaski County
Elizabeth Lupo, age 3, occupation none, born Pulaski County
William Lacy, age 8, occupation none, born Pulaski County

1880 Census


Dooly County

E.D. 90, Sheet 5, Line 15

Household 40/40:
Lupo, Nancy, age 70, sex F, race W
Lane, R. A., age 59, sex M, race W, son-in-law
Lane, Martha A., age 43, sex F, race W, daughter
Lupo, David L. C., age 6, sex M, race W, grandson

E.D. 90, Sheet 5, line 23

Household 42/42:
Lupo, T. J., age 30, sex M, race W
Lupo, Martha Ann, age 21, sex F, race W
Lupo, Anna L., age 11/12, sex F, race W, daughter

E.D. 90, Sheet 7

Household 61/62:
Ward, David B., age 26, sex M, race W
Ward, Amanda E., age 25, sex F, race W
Ward, Eddie, age 5, sex M, race W
Ward, Wm. R., age 2, sex M, race W
Ward, Newton F., age 8/12, sex M, race W

E.D. 90, Sheet 7, line 26

Household 61/62:
Lupo, James, age 37, sex M, race W
Lupo, Mary, age 37, sex F, race W
Lupo, Minnie, age 11, sex F, race W
Lupo, Quincy, age 9, sex M, race W
Lupo, Richard, age 4, sex M, race W
Lupo, L.D.S., age 2, sex F, race W

E.D. 90, Sheet 9, line 44

Household 81/82:
Lupo, Wm., age 57, sex M, race W
Lupo, Eliza Ann, age 57, sex F, race W
Lupo, Silas N., age 19, sex M, race W
Lupo, Nathaniel R., age 14, sex M, race W
Lupo, George O., age 10, sex M, race W
Napier, Sallie, age 22, sex F, race W
Green, E. G., age 27, sex M, race W, border

E.D. 90, Sheet 10

Household 82/83:
Lupo, W. D., age 27, sex M, race W
Lupo, Taner, age 30, sex F, race W
Lupo, Eliza A., age 4, sex F, race W
Lupo, Wesley, age 1, sex M, race W

E.D. 90, Sheet 11

Household 97/98:
Lupo, W. A., age 23, sex M, race W
Lupo, Susan D., age 20, sex F, race W, wife


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