Isle of Wight County, Virginia

On a September's day in 1790, a man identified as James Lupo Jr. of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, appeared before the county ordinary bearing the purported last will and testament of his father, James. At the session of court where he appeared, James asked for a continuance because he did not have anyone with him to act as security. A short while later, he returned with his father-in-law, Benjamin Atkinson, who put up a bond in the amount of 500 pounds so the will could be probated. The will of James Lupo Sr. was the last Lupo will to be presented in Isle of Wight County for afterward his sons would not live there. Of the three named executors to the estate, James is the only one to appear, along with two of four of the named witnesses to the document. The family was on the move, at the beginning of a journey which would take them across two centuries and into nearly every state in the union and they were ending a chapter in the family's history that had gone on nearly as long.
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