These records, with the exception of the inventory of the estate of Phillip Lupo, Sr.1, have been transcribed from copies of original records. The Virginia records were copies from microfilm sources located at the Virginia State Library, 12th and Capitol Streets, Richmond, Virginia, 23219, as a result of written requests by the author. The Georgia records were transcribed from copies made by the author of microfilm sources located at the Georgia Department of Archives and History, Capitol Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. The author wishes to express his deepest appreciation to the staffs at the Virginia State Library and the Georgia Department of Archives and History for their assistence in gathering these records.


1This is taken from a transcript of the original record made by Reverend James Foster Lupo, and printed in his pamplet, The Lupo Family Early 16th Century to 1977. The author of the current work has updated the spellings of certain words, as well as rechecked the original source for accuracy.

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